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This is Us!

We LOVE playing a wide variety of TTRPGs and you might recognize some of our titles, including: Planegea, Magical Kitties Save the World, Vampire, Trinity Continuum, Snowglobe, Darkest House, City of Mist, Leverage, Brindlewood Bay, Vaesen, Broken Compass, Fallout, Cyberpunk Red, Delta Green, Fiasco, Things from the Flood, Masks, Agon, Star Wars, Savage World, Tales from the Loop, Over the Edge, Scum and Villainy, Feng Shui 2, Chill, Zweihander, Alien, Paranoia, Top Secret, Dusk City Outlaws, Storm Furies, Mork Borg,... and More!


Theatre of the Mind Players

Actual Play Show

The Theatre of the Mind Players are a group of Milwaukee-based nerds, actors, and nerdy actors who have a passion for bringing different RPGs into an actual play form. Showcasing different games for short runs means you get lots of different stories, all for the price of totally free (unless you support us on Patreon in which case we love you SO much AND you get extra content)! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and wherever you get your podcasts!


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