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We LOVE playing a wide variety of TTRPGs and you might recognize some of our titles, including: Planegea, Magical Kitties Save the World, Vampire, Trinity Continuum, Snowglobe, Darkest House, City of Mist, Leverage, Brindlewood Bay, Vaesen, Broken Compass, Fallout, Cyberpunk Red, Delta Green, Fiasco, Things from the Flood, Masks, Agon, Star Wars, Savage World, Tales from the Loop, Over the Edge, Scum and Villainy, Feng Shui 2, Chill, Zweihander, Alien, Paranoia, Top Secret, Dusk City Outlaws, Storm Furies, Mork Borg,... and More!


Theatre of the Mind Players

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The Theatre of the Mind Players are a group of Milwaukee-based nerds, actors, and nerdy actors who have a passion for bringing different RPGs into an actual play form. Showcasing different games for short runs means you get lots of different stories, all for the price of totally free (unless you support us on Patreon in which case we love you SO much AND you get extra content)! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and wherever you get your podcasts!


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I Know What Boys Like - Tales From the Loop - Episode 1 - TMP

I Know What Boys Like - Tales From the Loop - Episode 1 - TMP

Support us on PATREON!: 1988. Sweden. The school year has just begun and the kids are back to worrying about homework, bullies, and crushes. So far, for 6 friends, that's mostly been the case. There's nothing particularly special about Rue (The Weirdo), Samantha (The Computer Geek), Mags (The Jock), Olaf (The Hick), Alex (The Popular Kid), and Melonie (The Troublemaker), but that's about to change. Rue has made a new friend -- one the group doesn't know about... yet. Welcome to Tales From the Loop: Mystery Mixtape '88! NOTE: Audio goes out of sync in 480. Please watch in 720 or 360. In 1954, the Swedish government ordered the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator. The local population called this marvel of technology The Loop. In this game, you play teenagers in the late Eighties, solving Mysteries connected to the Loop. Choose between character Types such as the Bookworm, the Troublemaker, the Popular Kid and the Weirdo. Everyday Life is full of nagging parents, never-ending homework and classmates bullying and being bullied. The Mysteries let the characters encounter the strange machines and weird creatures that have come to haunt the countryside after the Loop was built. The kids get to escape their everyday problems and be part of something meaningful and magical – but also dangerous. Tales From the Loop: Check out our MM88 Playlist on Spotify!: Watch LIVE and UNCUT at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Fallout - Episode 1: One Mutant, One Bot, One Beer (Part 1)

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